Affiliate Program

To maximize mutual cooperation team of financial analysts TRADEEX developed a 3-tier compensation system with 2 types of ranks, "Rank Investor" and "Partner Rank."

"Rank of Partner" will allow you to on an ongoing basis to earn income from your daily profit partners. To obtain the corresponding "Partner Rank," You need to have a certain cash flow throughout your on the 3rd level structure

"Rank Investor" offers you the opportunity to earn income from new deposits of your partners. To get the appropriate rank of the Investor, you must have on your investor account a certain amount of deposit. The higher the rank, the higher your profit on each level. More information on grades, refer to the table.

Investor Rank Partner Rank 1 lvl 2 lvl 3 lvl Total
deposit from $ 0
turnover from $ 5000
5% 0% 0% 5%
deposit from $ 50
turnover from $ 10,000
7% 2% 1% 10%
deposit from $ 500
turnover from $ 35,000
10% 3% 2% 15%
deposit from $ 1000
turnover from $ 100,000
15% 3% 2% 20%
deposit from $ 3000
turnover from $ 200,000
22% 5% 3% 30%
* all values in USD. In case euro or bitcoin contribution investor rich his/her rank in accordance with the exchange rate of euro or bitcoin at the moment of posting the deposit.

«today» — the term of winners. «tomorrow» — the term of losers».
— John Rockefeller

Advantages of partnership Business

High level of liberty

Liberty is everywhere: from work schedule to choosing your business partner and promotional methods.

Easy launched

There is no need to contribute big sums of money in order to launch your own business at the beginning.

Financial opportunities

The value of income in the
Partnership business depends on
your structure amount of sale.

Personal development

Permanent movement to goal creates the area of your development.

New links

After a while in the Partnership business you can form new and useful acquaintances.

Endorsement and promotion

The partnership business is one of the unique opportunity to get promotional endorsement. 

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