Investing Tradeex


Anyone can make profit on the stock market but for that, one has to have particular knowledge and experience.
But what if you have neither time nor wish to learn trading? No worries – there is a solution!

Invest in the unique «Tradeex LLC» program and start gaining a profit with a team of experienced managing traders.

Your funds will be managed by professionals that have many years of experience in stock trading and that you can rely on.

How does our investment program work?

Assets of our clients are allocated between our traders’ accounts proportionately.
Thus, there are large amounts accumulated on trading accounts, which are under our traders’ control. They manage and trade in the clients’ interests, paying a percentage of profits of deals in the end of the trading day.
You can see the statistics and the current profit percentage below:

  • %

  • $10 - $100 000

  • 24h

  • Automatic

  • 365 days


Calculation of return on the investment program

  •  The min. amount:

  • $0

  • $0

    FOR 30 DAYS
  • $0

    3 MONTHS
  • $0

    6 MONTHS
  • $0

Transparent operations of the Fund guarantees the safety of your money. Declared percentage of profitability is totally justified of our traders’ work. You can see statistics of transaction in real time. Daily we post the results of trade.
General statistics of transactions is shown below:

Our Strategy

Tradeex’s financial strategy allows to almost completely exclude the probability of losses on investor’s accounts. For example, even if one trader will lose something in trading this month, this will be compensated by successful work of others. Even if we assume that all traders lose (which is impossible because of the different strategies and many years of not operating on a loss), we will pay you at least 1% of daily income from company’s own funds.
We are so sure in our financial strategy that we insure your deposit and guarantee that your assets will grow under any circumstances.
By investing in Tradeex LLC you could be sure that you will earn stable profit on a long-term basis from 1% to 5% daily.

Investment program from Tradeex LLC – is an optimal variant for investors, who wants to protect themselves from difficulties and risks of capital allocation and choose professional fiduciary management.

Insurance investment

High-income investments are always connected to a certain risk.
In most cases, brokers are not responsible for the actions that their traders take and for safety of your funds.
In Tradeex LLC. we value the assets of our investors that’s why all investments made by our clients are insured. Our financial analysts developed a unique and simple insurance system, in which a part of the company’s whole profit and a part of every investor’s deposit (5%) are being transferred to the insurance fund under a certain percent.

Insurance Fund accumulates and constantly multiplies big financial pool, which is the guarantee of stable payments (at least 1%) to our investors at the circumstances outside one’s control (natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, etc.) This sum is automatically withheld from the company’s profit and don’t influence the profit of the investors.

Investing in Tradeex, you invest in your success future.

The profit history of Tradeex investment program

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