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Tradeex LLC – is a rapidly developing company in the head of a successful team of the professional traders, which have been engaged in stock trading for over 15 years. For these years we’ve concentrated a colossal experience in this area. Today we possess an impressive commercial capital, more than 300.000.000$ and this sum is always growing. Before we reached a success we have had to pass a difficult way.

For years the founders have worked in different broker companies and have learned first-hand that trust management often have a high commission and do not guarantee the expected profit. That’s why they decided to take all the best from the market, add the project with new and unique services, and create a new type company which provides investment services across the world.

Now we work in 4 different segments making up to 300% profit from each of them. These rates are the guarantee that we provide high-quality services aimed at achieving stable and long-term capital growth with minimal risks. The long-time practice in this field allowed gaining a vast experience and reaching the highest levels of financial development and now we are officially registered international company almost 3 years, which provides investment services worldwide.

The Tradeex LLC. is officially registered in Belize’s offshore zone which gives us a tax-free and a solid foundation for an effective legal work throughout the world.

We grow rapidly, developing new markets, so, in 2016, our board of directors decided to expand the zone of influence on the European continent and to open headquarters in Great Britain. You can personally see our constituent documents and check their authenticity in official inventory of companies.

We are seeking to provide the high quality investment service to our clients all over the world, helping to achieve your long-term investment purposes.

By investing your capital in Tradeex, you could be sure that you will invest in your successful future.

Yours faithfully, Alex Shark. The Tradeex LLC Founder

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